Salt & Grove is a community-focused studio space, and we love connecting with and working alongside other passionate creative professionals. The space is divided into three sections – a consultation room, office space and natural light studio – all of which are available to rent.


Consultation Room
A first impression is important, and Katie and Sarah understand how challenging it can be to hold a consultation in a loud restaurant or confined coffee shop. The front room features a table and chairs, a cozy couch and non-branded, decor and artwork. Please email or for pricing.

Office Space
The center room features desk space, perfect for if you need a quiet area to finish a proposal or project. There is also access to freshly brewed local coffee, and a refrigerator, and happy hour is always welcome to fuel those creative juices. Please email or for pricing.

North shore natural light studio

Natural Light Studio
The 500-square-feet natural light photography studio in the heart of Newburyport is airy and inviting. The windows and skylights fill the room with soft light, perfect for portrait sessions. The space includes floor-to-ceiling diffusion curtains and the ceiling track that spans the width of the room can be outfitted with other backdrop fabrics.

The space is also available for other photographers to rent. We offer hourly, half day and full day bookings.

  • Hourly rate: $50
  • Half Day: $150
  • Full Day: $300